Positive Creativity Brings Positive Energy or Vibration to Humanity.


Trianglerism is the blueprint of multiversal genetic algorithms (MGA) of AI, big data,quantum
computing,deep learning,
machine learning & scientific futurism


Multiversalism Artworks of the Future By Multiversalism Astroartist Prince Israel Zaar.

The Future of Multiversal Intelligence is Near

         Welcome to Trianglerism Gallery and have fun stretching your mind or scratching your head.

Trianglerism is all about positive creativity, making the human space or architecture a better sphere, and encouraging each of us to seek multiversal intelligence – in unleashing the “Exponenium” or “Multinium”  present within, without, or beyond us, and our universe.

TRIANGLERISM By Prince Israel Zaar. Made in USA. Artwork can be exhibited on demand. All rights reserved. Cannot be used in any form without due authorization.Contact: 19173761833. Email: Picasso is to Cubism as Prince Israel Zaar is to Trianglerism.

Didital Trianglerism

My works are the positive exponential impression and expressions of the human mind meant to engineer, orient, enlighten, or direct the intelligence, physical, spiritual, or terrestrial of the being or system to pursue multiversal intelligence and multiversalization – courtesy of Zaarrianism, Trianglerism, and Multiversalism.



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What is Trianglerism?


What is Trianglerism?

Trianglerism (Tr) is an American 3-D art genre invented by American astro-artist          Prince Israel Zaar.

This art form uses ink on paper or canvas to draw, design, encrypt, or print complex linear architectural or geometric – triangulation designs (or templates of the future) with exponential powers of Multiversal Artificial Intelligence (mai).

Hidden within this art are encrypted symbols, words, messages, numbers, and mathematic notations, and codes.

The philosophy behind this art genre is call Zaarrianism.