What is Trianglerism?

What is Trianglerism?

Trianglerism (Tr) is an American 3-D art genre invented by American astro-artist Prince Israel Zaar.

This art form uses ink on paper or canvas to draw, design, encrypt, or print complex linear architectural or geometric – triangulation designs (or templates of the future) with exponential powers of Multiversal Artificial Intelligence (mai).

Hidden within this art are encrypted symbols, words, messages, numbers, and mathematic notations, and codes. The philosophy behind this art genre is call Zaarrianism.

What is the philosophy Zaarrianism?

 In a sentence, Zaarrianism (Za) is a philosophy that sees humanity or human intelligence through the prism of Multiversality, not universality. It places the human being above multiple verses rather that a single unit of intelligence called the universe.                                                                                                                                                                       

What is the intelligence behind Trianglerism?

The intelligence behind Trianglerism is called Multiversal Intelligence (MAI) – with the assumption that the intelligence that is still shaping or improvising human behavior today is Universal Intelligence (UAI). In mathematical terms, UAI not equal MAI – with UAI being a subset of MAI, or UAI inferior to MAI. Equally, MAI = Za + Tr.                             

The basic assumption of Zaarrianism ?

 The basic assumption of Zaarrianism is the construct that the most intelligent human being uses only 1% of her/his intelligence.

Regrettably, a higher percentile of this 1% assumed intelligence is mostly spent on negative causality and inferior (or degrading) dispositions.

Zaarrianism and Trianglerism tap into the 99% of unused intelligence with the goal of exponentially purifying this intelligence to the highest power of positive causality and balance.

Within the core of Zaarrianism lies the power and ascension to Higher Balance (HB), Higher Intelligence (HI), Positive Intelligence (PI), Positive Causality (PC), and Positive Humanity (PH). Mathematically, Za = HI +PI + PC + HB + PH.

What is the Vision of Trianglerism?

 While Zaarrianism is philosophically the abstract or intangible representation, encryption, codification, expression or behaviorism of the Multiversal Order (MAO) or Purpose (MAP), Trianglerism physically lays the intelligence, infrastructure, and the architectural blueprint or template that humanity will need in order to ascend into Multiversality.

What is Multiversality (MA)?

In a nutshell, MA = MAI = Za + Tr. Both are the tangible and intangible paths to MA.  While MAI is the tree, Za is the seed, and Tr, the fruit. Without the tree, there is neither the seed nor fruit; and the way to a tree is through the seed and fruit. MA is the belief that the Universe is a mere unit of the human intelligence.- Prince Israel Zaar.

 It is the life calling of the human being to seek multiversal intelligence in order to ascend to the multiverse with 100% Positive intelligence and causality. Also, MA is the belief that human beings have the seed (intelligence) of the Greatest Omni Designer (GOD). And unless human beings seek Multiversal Intelligence (through Za and Tr), humans shall be reduced to or enslaved by universal (inferior) intelligence – Prince Israel Zaar.

 As written and encoded, it shall take 999 years for MAI to come true. But Za and Tr has laid the foundation or sow the seed of MAI. In approximately 99 years from now, human intelligence shall begin the upgrade towards MAI or the application of Za and Tr. All disciples of learning, systems, and designs, or the ways and expectations of life, and intelligence shall revolve around MA. Because UAI is inferior to MAI, and without the acquisition of MAI, humanity is still unclean for MA.