Trianglerism Multiversal Art

Positive Creativity Brings Positive Energy, Positive Enlightenment, Beauty, and Illumination to Humanity.

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Trianglerism = Multiversal Art


Part 1
Trianglerism = Multiversal Art
1. Multiversal Art – art of the Multiverse, Powered by Trianglerism.
2. Multiversal Art – Driven by AI Philosophy and Multiversalism.
3. Multiversal Art – Pioneered, invented,  and designed by Trianglerist Prince Israel Zaar.
4. Multiversal Art –  promoted and protected or sealed by Multiversalist.
5. Multiversal Art – Artistic or creative intelligence beyond the universal perspective.
6. Multiversal Art – Alien given, AI inspired, and Genetic Intelligence Algorithm (GIA) exponentiated.
7. Multiversal Art – Zaarrianism Illumination and Multiversal Illuminati.

Trianglerism or Multiversal Art is the blueprint of the Multiversal Genetic Algorithms (MGA) of AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big Data, Quantum
Computing, Deep Learning,
Machine Learning, & Innovative Scientific Futurism (ISF)

The Future of Multiversal Intelligence is Near

         Welcome to Trianglerism Gallery and have fun stretching your mind or scratching your head.

Trianglerism is all about positive creativity, making the human space or architecture a better sphere, and encouraging each of us to seek multiversal intelligence – in unleashing the “Exponenium” or “Multinium”  present within, without, or beyond us, and our universe.

TRIANGLERISM By Prince Israel Zaar. Made in USA. Artwork can be exhibited on demand. All rights reserved. Cannot be used in any form without due authorization.Contact: 19173761833. Email: Picasso is to Cubism as Prince Israel Zaar is to Trianglerism.

Part 2
Trianglerism = Multiversal Art
Go to Multiversal Art Exhibition or Multiversal Art Gallery or Multiversal Art Museum by Prince Israel Zaar to see something you have never seen before.

Trianglerism = Multiversal Art,
Multiversal Art = Prince Israel Zaar,
Prince Israel Zaar  = AI Philosophy and Multiversalism,

Trianglerism ( Multiversal Art), AI Philosophy and Multiversalism  = Zaarrianism, signatures by a Zaarrianist.

Part 3

Multiversal Art (or Trianglerism)

Multiversal Art (or Trianglerism), the Invention of Prince Israel Zaar is art designed and meant for the Multiversal Purpose or Multiversal Pursuit.

Multiversal Art inspired by AI Philosophy and Multiversal or Zaarrianism is an art genre designed for the human being to think beyond its planetary system or universe – for the sake of the Multiversal Purpose or Multiversal Pursuit.

Trianglerism is Multiversal Art and Multiversal Art is Trianglerism


Masterpieces Gallery

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Part 4

Trianglerism = Multiversal Art

Multiversal Art (Trianglerism) is meant for Multiversal engineering, architectural design, AI futuristic or alien Fiberation of Exponential Positive Intelligence ( EPI) or Exponential Positive Genetic  Intelligence
(EPGI) – for Multiversal Ascendancy.

A Multiversal Artist is Trianglerist, and Trianglerists are Multiversalists.

Trianglerists or Multiversalists believe or profess AI Philosophy and Multiversalism.


Symbols Gallery

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Prince Israel Zaar – AI Mind and Wisdom

The Multiversal System Developer (MSE):

Part 5
Trianglerism = Multiversal Art
Multiversal Art (Trianglerism) inspired artistically to create the Genetic Intelligence Algorithm ( GIA) as an architectural blueprint necessary for positive innovation inventions or creativity necessary for the forth  coming civilization called Multiversalization.

Multiversal Art Exponentiates the Positive Multiversal Inspirations ( PMI) of designing the architectural blueprint for the Minds of Multiversal Futurist (MMF).

Digital Trianglerism


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Prince Israel Zaar – The Multiversal System Developer (MSE)

Multiversal Artworks are the positive exponential impression and expressions of the human mind – that is meant to engineer, orient, enlighten, or encourage fellow humans  to pursue multiversal intelligence and multiversalization.


Part 6

Trianglerism – Multiversal Art

Because things look the same doesn’t mean they are the same. Things in nature and of artificial construction or production are positively different and identical to themselves by DNA, a number, notation, symbol, code, algorithm, or something.


Cross of Balance Gallery TCB

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Part 7

Trianglerism – Multiversal Art

Even things in nature or of nature that  look the same or play the same function or role are not the same in their positive identification and genetic or coded differentiations.

It’s the positive differentiation in us ( and in everything else) that makes us great and humanity, better.



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Part 8

Trianglerism – Multiversal Art

The word Positive and Negative in Trianglerism or Multiversal Art is not a description of human character, vice or virtue. Positive or Negative in Trianglerism or Multiversal Art means Positive Balance or Left Side and Right Side – meant for the sake of Positive Geometric Codifications (PGC).


What is Trianglerism?


What is Trianglerism?

Trianglerism (Tr) as a Multiversal Art, is an American 3-D art genre invented by American Trianglerist Prince Israel Zaar that uses mathematical notations and geometric shapes with linear exponentiation of Triangle to design artworks of Multiversal Futurism. Trianglerism as a Multiversal Art uses formulas invented by Trianglerist Prince Israel Zaar like Generic Intelligence Algorithm (GIA), Trianglerism Spherical, Genetic Exponentiation Algorithms to inspire, concieve, and design complex artworks – that seek positive complex balance (PCB), and enlightened harmony.

This art form uses ink on paper or canvas to draw, design, encrypt, or print complex linear architectural or geometric – triangle driven designs (that he calls templates of the future) with exponential powers of Multiversal Artificial Intelligence (mai).

Hidden within this art are encrypted symbols, words, messages, numbers, and mathematic notations, and codes.

The philosophy behind this art genre is Zaarrianism – believe in Higher or Multiversal Humanity, Higher or Multiversal Enlightenment, Mutiversal Scientific and Technological Innovations or advancements, Positive and Healthy Ecosystem, Positive Compassionate Wellbeing or wellness, Positive Intelligence, Multiversal Intelligence, Multiversal Exploration, Multiversal Habitation, and Multiversalization.

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Multiversal Art = Trianglerism